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Artistic Director


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Elected Board Members
Norma DeLeon
The President shall: Serve a one-year term, preside at meetings of the Board and meetings of the general membership, Organize special ad hoc committees, as needed, and appoint chairpersons for those committees, Be a non-voting member of every committee, work closely with the President-Elect to ensure a smooth transition to the Presidency, Initiate changes to the Chorale Bylaws or Standing Rules, as necessary, Approve all singing engagements prior to the commitment of the Chorale to any performance, Chair the Program Committee, Chair an emergency Executive Committee if needed, which will have at least 2 other Board members included, to make executive Board decisions under extraordinary circumstances, Appoint the non-elected members of the Board, Appoint committee chairpersons with Board approval.

Bill Werner
Bill Werner, President of the Irving Chorale, is a charter member of the chorale. He is a longtime resident of Irving having moved there after high school graduation. He holds bachelor and master of music education degrees from the University of North Texas. He also has certification as a school counselor. He was with the Irving Independent School District for thirty four years. He is currently the Minister of Music at the Bridgewood Church of Christ.
The President-Elect shall: Serve a one-year term, Commit to serve as President one year succeeding the term as President-Elect, Work closely with the President to insure a smooth transition to Presidency, Preside at Board meetings in the absence of the President, Serve as chairperson of the Fundraising Committee, serve on the Program and Budget Committees, Appoint a Nominating Committee and committee chairperson by the first of April of each year.

Chip Cannon
Chip Cannon has been a member of the Chorale since 2010 and has served in various capacities
The Vice President-Marketing shall serve a two-year term, direct and coordinate all marketing activities of the Chorale, serve as chair of the Publicity Committee, preside at Board meetings in the absence of the President and President-Elect.

picture Recording Secretary
Jody Mello
Jody Mello has been with the Irving Chorale since 2015. Jody's chorale experience includes three years as the Cambridge Community Choir Stage Producer in MA, Stage Manager for six years, and has been on stage as a soprano since she was six years old.
The Recording Secretary shall: Serve a two-year term, Maintain accurate records of all meetings of the Board and the general membership and keep these minutes in a permanent file, Prepare and distribute schedules of rehearsals and appoint section leaders as approved by the Artistic Director each season, Maintain accurate attendance records for each meeting of the Board, each rehearsal, and each performance, Maintain a list of current Chorale members and officers and make the list available to all members on the website, Organize a telephone committee of the section leaders, who will be responsible for notifying the membership of any changes in the regular rehearsal or performance schedules, Provide new members with a packet of relevant information, including but not limited to costume information, a list of Chorale members, and a schedule of rehearsal and performance dates, Provide member nametags for each rehearsal, Be named as an optional signature on the Chorale's checking account(s) in the event the treasurer is unable to fulfill duties,. Handle all Chorale membership correspondence including weekly email updates, except as directed by the President.

picture Treasurer
Robert Boyer
Mr. Boyer holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Dallas and a Master's degree in Library Science from the University of Kentucky. He has worked in public library technical services and library administration in the North Texas area for thirty-four years. Robert was also a founding member of the Arlington Master Chorale. Since retirement, he works part time as the music librarian for The Orchestra of New Spain, a Baroque chamber ensemble of singers and period instrumentalists in Dallas. He loves travel, singing and participating in his church choir and has had many opportunities to combine all three.
The Treasurer shall: Serve a three-year term, Be named on the Chorale checking account and be authorized to deposit money in and write checks on that account,Sign all checks for the Chorale, Maintain an accurate record of all financial transactions and balance the account(s) each month once bank statements have been received, Obtain yearly tax return and financial review from a Certified Public Accountant, Prepare 1099-MISC for Artistic Director, Accompanist, and all other contract labor earning more than $600/year, Assure that rental payments for storage facilities are kept current, Assure that an insurance policy is kept current and that a certificate of insurance required by the Irving Arts Center (IAC) for use of its facility is filed with the IAC each January, Open additional accounts when authorized by the Board, Collect all incoming funds and deposit these funds into the Chorale account(s) within ten days unless otherwise directed by the Board, make financial records available to the Board, Chair the Budget Committee, Maintain a record of all dues-paying members and provide updated copies to the Secretary, Conduct business in such a manner that tax-exempt status under the United States Internal Revenue Code may be maintained, File the periodic report for a domestic non-profit corporation, Prepare and provide to the Board a written annual financial statement within one month after the close of each performing year, Pay all bills incurred by the Chorale upon receipt of invoice. All expenditures over $600 must have Board approval. All submitted invoices must have the signature of a Board member before being paid, Serve as a member of the Fundraising & Program Committees, Select treasurer-elect during the 3rd year of the term to begin training to assume the office the following season

Board Appointed Positions
Pam Bates Librarian
Pam Engman
Native Irvingite; graduate of Irving High School where I was a member of the a Capella choir; attended UTA. Have sung in church choirs since jr high. Joined the Irving Chorale in the fall of 1990. Have held several offices, but have been the recording secretary for several years. I have traveled to England, Wales, Scotland, Austria, and Toronto, Canada with the Chorale, singing in several magnificent locales. Have been married to Ken Engman since 1999. I have three grown daughters, 3 granddaughters and one grandson and a new baby in April.
The Librarian shall serve a two-year term, maintain and store all music, folders, and other properties of the Chorale, distribute and collect all music and folders from Chorale members, keep accurate record of all Chorale members in possession of returnable music and other materials through a check out system, order music, when needed, at the direction of the Artistic Director and with approval of the Board.

Membership Coordinator
The Membership Coordinator shall serve a two-year term, solicit new members and assist Nominating Committee for potential Board positions, develop messaging that promotes the merits and success of the Chorale for distribution via print, social media, educational and religious institutions, work closely with the Recording Secretary to utilize and update membership information, schedule, coordinate, and promote auditions with the Artistic Director, as needed.

picture Irving ISD Coordinator
Carol Sullivan
Ms. Sullivan is a retired Elementary Music Specialist from Irving ISD. She has been a music teacher for some forty years. Carol has won numerous teaching awards, including Elementary Teacher of the Year, Irving Elementary ATPE Teacher of the Year, Region 10 ATPE Teacher of the Year, and Walmart Teacher of the Year. She served as Elementary Lead Music Teacher for Irving ISD and helped coordinate the Chorale's joint concert with the elementary honor choir for 8 years. Sullivan received her B.S. in Music Education from State University College at Potsdam, New York, and M.Ed in Elementary Education from State University of New York, Buffalo, New York.
Irving ISD Coordinator:
The Irving ISD Coordinator serves a two-year term; serve ons Program Committee; assists with any and all communications between Board and Irving ISD; assists with strategies to expand collaboration opportunities with additional ISD organizations.

Corresponding Secretary
Caryn Gibbons
Caryn is an Insurance broker/manager with 51 years¹ experience in all lines of personal and commercial insurance management. She sings at her Church (the Occasional Singers), and sometimes with special groups. She enjoys going to dinner and movies with her family, friends and does some travelling. She also likes the outdoors and will spend time in her kayak when possible. She stays busy at home with her two kitties
The Corresponding Secretary shall: Serve a two-year term, Be responsible for all written correspondence of the Chorale not covered by the recording Secretary, including sunshine messages, Be responsible for coordinating all mailings of the Chorale, including bulk mail, Coordinate with the Vice President of Marketing regarding advertising follow-up letters, Serve as Chorale historian for the term to which they are elected.

picture Stage Manager
Carol Baker
A native of Irving, Carol has supported the Chorale in various non-singing roles since 1994. She recently retired from serving the 2nd Court of Appeals in Fort Worth for over 30 years, working as the Court's Network Manager. Her goal as Stage Manager is to assist the Chorale members in whatever way needed to allow the singers and musicians to excellently present their music to their audiences. She is active at 1st Baptist Church in Irving, assisting with the Sound team during traditional services and playing in the handbell choir.
The Stage Manager shall: Serve a one-year term, non-voting position, when appointed by the President, Meet with concert hall personnel and Program Committee to coordinate physical configuration requirements, Coordinate all aspects of stage production, including arranging for risers and coordinating ushers.

picture Grant Writer
Patty Hill
Patty Hill has worked as an Office Manager for 12 years, and general office work in the construction field for 15 years prior. As Office Manager a portion of her responsibility is to provide detailed information regarding finances, project history, and reference data to maintain preferred standing with customer base. Patty is a very precise task manager determined to provide the best resources for her company’s success. Patty was one of the founding members of the Irving Chorale and participated through 1996, she then returned to the Irving Chorale in the fall season of 2007. She has also traveled abroad with the Chorale and looks forward to future trips. With her detail oriented background she will help coordinate fund raising so that the Irving Chorale can continue to provide choral presentations for years to come.
The Grant Writer shall: Serve a one-year term, non-voting position, when appointed by the President, Serve as a member of the Fundraising and Program Committees, Work closely with Board members key to each grant request, especially the President, Fundraising and Program Committee chairpersons, Treasurer, and Artistic Director Coordinate and search for any and all grant opportunities.

Alex Velasquez-Ebersole
The Members-at-Large shall serve a one-year term when appointed by the President and serve the Chorale at the discretion of the Board.

picture Member-At-Large
Donna Schardt
The Members-at-Large shall serve a one-year term when appointed by the President and serve the Chorale at the discretion of the Board.

Diane Hamon
The Members-at-Large shall serve a one-year term when appointed by the President and serve the Chorale at the discretion of the Board.

Non-voting Advisory
picture Usher Coordinator
Marge Flowers
Ms. Flowers retired from the Irving Independent School District after twenty-two years as a School Nurse. Marge is currently a member of the Church of the Incarnation at the University of Dallas, where she sings in the choir. Ms. Flowers graduated from The University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing.

picture Accompanist
Eunice Tavaglione
Eunice Tavaglione completed her Master of Music degree in piano performance at the University of North Texas under the private instruction of Artist in Residence Stefan Bardas. Prior to this, she studied with Ronald Boud and Janet Hutchinson in Philadelphia, receiving her Bachelor of Music degree in piano performance. It was here that she gained valuable training in performing, accompanying, and arranging. Ms. Tavaglione has traveled throughout many parts of the United States, Europe, Asia, and South America accompanying various choral groups and performing as piano soloist. Since coming to Dallas in 1976, she has taught extensively at all levels and continues to maintain a large teaching studio. Ms. Tavaglione is widely recognized as an adjudicator in piano throughout the state of Texas and remains an active Accompanistfor national voice and instrumental competitions. She is the Accompanistfor the Irving

picture Artistic Director
Harry Wooten
Harry Wooten is Minister of Music at Royal Lane Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas. A native of Arkansas, Mr. Wooten holds degrees from William Jewell College, Vienna International Music Conservatory, and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has served churches in Tennessee and Alabama as Minister of Music and appeared as guest soloist, conductor, and presenter for numerous workshops and music events. His choirs have participated in the International Church Music Festival (Coventry Cathedral 1994 and 2000 and Bern, Switzerland 1997) and the Manhattan Festival of Sacred Music 2001. His wife Debi is a music educator in the Plano Independent School District. They have three beautiful, busy children: Brittany, Barrett, and Blair.

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