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Q.   What is the Irving Chorale?

A. The Irving Chorale is a non-profit 501(c)3, 80-voice chorus based in Irving, Texas, currently under the direction of Artistic DirectorHarry Wooten. The Irving Chorale was founded in 1986 by a small group of Irving residents who had the desire to afford the citizens of Irving the opportunity to hear quality choral music without having to leave the City. The Chorale remains the only community chorus in Irving and continues to live out the dream of its founders.

Q.   What is the Irving Chorale’s mission?

A.   The Irving Chorale is a community chorus in which all members share a common commitment to lift the spirit of each audience member with beautiful choral music. The Chorale is dedicated to establishing the City of Irving as a cultural focal point in the Metroplex, the State of Texas, and the world.

Q.   When are your concerts?

A.   Each year between September and May, the Irving Chorale presents a series of concerts in the City of Irving as part of a subscription series.

For more information about our season schedule, click here

Q.   Where are your concerts?

A.   All concerts are held in Carpenter Hall of the Irving Arts Center located at 3333 N. MacArthur Blvd., Irving, Texas, unless otherwise indicated. For detailed directions to our concert venues, please visit the Season Performance Schedule.

Q.   How do I get concert/event tickets?

A.   Tickets for all season concerts may be purchased by calling the Irving Arts Center Box Office at (972) 252-ARTS (2787).

Q.   Who are the members of the Irving Chorale?

A.   All members share one common commitment -- to lift the spirit of each audience member with beautiful choral music. The Chorale is a coed chorus with a widely diverse membership.

Q.   How do I join the Irving Chorale?

A.    Auditions and Rehearsalsare officially held each August and January. However, Auditions and Rehearsalsmay be scheduled by appointment throughout the year. Prospective members are required to sing a published piece of music of their choice. For additional information, please contact our Secretary who is our Member Recruitment Director.

Q.   What does it cost to become a member of the Irving Chorale?

A.   Each Chorale member is not only a singer, but also a financial supporter. Dues may be paid by the semester ($40), by the year ($75), or by becoming a member patron ($100 includes name in each concert program and on Website). Each member must purchase his/her own proper concert attire. Men purchase and wear tuxedos, while ladies purchase formal concert attire.

Q.   Do you have to sing to be a member of the Irving Chorale?

A.   The Irving Chorale has a special membership in its "Friends of Irving Chorale" for all persons interested in assisting the Chorale throughout the year. "Friends" members assist the Chorale in a wide range of activities, including performance, administrative, and fundraising support." Friends of Irving Chorale" individual membership fee is $25; for couples it is $35.

Q.   Do you have to read music to join the Irving Chorale?

A.   No, prospective members are not required to read music in order to join the Irving Chorale. It is, of course, helpful. The Chorale simply requires that each of its members have a commitment to the organization’s mission and the desire to perform.

Q.   Where does the Irving Chorale practice?

A.   The Irving Chorale practices at Episcopal Church of the Redeemer in Irving, Texas, each Thursday evening during the regular season from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. in the church’s choir room.

Q.   What does the Irving Chorale wear for events?

A.   For informal events, the Irving Chorale wears blue slacks and polo shirts with the Chorale logo. In cooler weather, logo sweaters replace the polo shirts. For formal concerts and event appearances, the Irving Chorale wears formal attire. For men, this always means tuxedos. For ladies, the event determines whether they wear their formal or less formal attire.

Q.   Are any of the Irving Chorale members professional singers?

A.   All members of the Irving Chorale are volunteers. No one receives compensation for participating in the chorus. The members come from all professions and walks of life · lawyers, bankers, sales people, teachers, administrators, students, accountants, pilots, flight attendants, homemakers, and government workers. Some members of the Chorale have received professional training and/or degrees and some are working, by vocation, within the professional and/or educational areas of music.

Q.   Are any members of the Irving Chorale paid to perform?

A.   All of the singers in the Irving Chorale are volunteers and receive no compensation for their participation. It is estimated that the singers donate more than 10,000 volunteer hours per year.

Q.   Can I advertise to the members of the Irving Chorale?

A.   Direct solicitations to Chorale members or the member mailing list is not permitted. However, Program Advertising opportunities are available through the Season Program Program Advertising Program and on our Web site. Programs are distributed to each concert patron at each season concert. Concert program ad space may be purchased. Please contact our Board of Directors President.

Q.   How big is the Irving Chorale?

A: The Irving Chorale is made up of about 80 voices, and the average age is 55.

Q.   Does the Irving Chorale have a CD?

A.   Yes. We have several concerts available for purchase on CD and/or DVD. To listen to samples of our music, please visit our Listening Station.

Q.   Does the Irving Chorale accept donations?

A.   Absolutely. The Irving Chorale is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. This designation allows you to make a tax-deductible donation to the Chorale. For more information about tax-deductible giving, please visit our Contributions & Fundraising page or contact our Treasurer listed on our Officers and Directorspage.

Q.   Will the Irving Chorale sing for my organization or me?

A.   The Irving Chorale is open to invitations to sing for audiences around the world. Suggested occassions are weddings, funerals, corporate engagenents, etc. For booking information, please contact our President listed on our Officers and Directors page.

Q.   How can I be added to the mailing list?

A.   If you would like to receive the Irving Chorale's E-Notes Newsletter, please click on the link above "JOIN OUR E-MAIL LIST"

Q.   Does the Irving Chorale tour?

A.   The Irving Chorale is available to perform worldwide when offered the opportunity. For more information on previous or upcoming tours, please contact our President listed on our Officers and Directors page.

Q.   What can I learn About the Chorale through your Web site?

A.   Through the Web site, you may listen to audio samples, learn about us, obtain audition information, find out where to purchase tickets, map directions to venues, find out our next show or tour date, along with much more.
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