The Irving Chorale, a community chorus of singers from Irving and the surrounding areas of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, enters this season, celebrating the excitement and rewards of participating in the performance of the greatest music of the choral repertoire. The membership of more than 70 voices is dedicated to promoting the highest standards of choral performance.  
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There once was a choir from Irving
Who traveled the roads so curving
The driver was called Joe,
The guide Garry, not Moe,
They conquered roads unnerving!

Marge Flowers and Tracy Granzin
While burning both ends of the candle
The Foundling Hospital we mandled
In the garden we saw
The nude statue with awe.
Halleluiah! Is that Handel's handle?

Robert Boyer
The Irving Chorale was performing,
When up the church aisle without warning
Came a pigeon so bold
Not even the vicar could scold,
And everyone thought he was charming.

Liz Verst
There once was a choir directed by Harry,
Who traveled so far to the grand land of Kerry.
With hearts full of song
We brought Euros along
To tour and make merry with our guys Joe and Garry.

Carol Sullivan
There once was a chorus from Irving
Whose manner was sometimes unnerving
They sing "Ching-a-ring"
Some are slight "Ding-a-lings"
But their passion is never unswerving

Harry Wooten
There was a young lass of Bunratty
Who married a redhead named Paddy.
Then came their first child
Hair black, kinky & wild,
And Paddy said "Who is your Daddy?"

Jene Gravley
Ah Ireland at last, we have waited so long
To tour and to visit and break out in song.
With Joe at the wheel
And Garry with his spiel,
The prize we have won, Ding, Ding, Dong.

Carol Sullivan
There once was a conductor named Harry
And to Ireland his choir did he carry.
They sang with a smile
Across the great Emerald Isle
Under the guidance of both Joe and Garry.

Donna Schardt
There once was a teacher named Chitwood
Who shopped and bought more than her Momma could.
She bought food and woolen
The luggage she's pullin'
Now Ireland's economy is very good.

Jene Gravley
There once was a group with a tone
From the state with a star all alone.
They got a bit cranky
And said like a Yankee
Oh please won't you pog my thoin.

(Ask any traveler for translation)
A tour guide named Garry did sigh
It is true, I never would like.
When it comes to the lassies
They say I'm so sassy
I'm all ladies' kind of a guy.

There once was a tenor from Limerick
Who actually could not sing a lick.
He joined the Chorus
But his voice was so hoarse
They had to give Harry a Heimlick.

Jene Gravley
From Irving we've come with our voices of gold,
To Ireland, to sing and hear fine stories told
By Garry, our Guide,
And Joe, for our ride.
'Tis surely a trip in our hearts we will hold.

Carol Sullivan

There once was an Earl of Bunratty
Who people say, dressed very natty.
But he packed on the pounds
After drinking some rounds,
And now people just call him Fatty!

Judy Garza
with additional consultation with Robert Boyer and Kathy Gates

SONGS Parodies by Carol Sullivan
Ode to Joe and Gary
(tune of "Love and Marriage")

Joe and Gary, Joe and Gary, -- made our trip to Ireland so merry.
When you're touring Erin, you will find they are so -- carin'.

Try, try, try to squeeze in shopping, it's - - hard to do.
Cause - when - it is time to load up, they - - - - will always hurry you.

Joe and Gary, Joe and Gary, -- when you're with them, never, never tarry,
In - the loo or shopping, you can't have fun, you must be done,
There's only one more minute, get - on the bus, (Diddle-ee-dum-dum,)
Our Wild Irish Tour
(tune of "My Wild Irish Rose")

The Irving Chorale has come to Ireland,
To tour and to sing, to buy everything,
And to have a lovely time.
The Irving Chorale will ne'er forget this trip;
And we'll take in our hearts, the whole and the parts,
That make up our Wild Irish Tour.
When Chorale Members Tour Ireland
("When Irish Eyes Are Smiling")

When Chorale members tour Ireland,
Sure 'tis like a morn in Spring;
With our leader, Harry Wooten,
We are angels when we sing.
When we go pubbing and shopping,
We all seem like tourist "pros".
And when guided by Joe and Gary,
Sure the fellowship really grows.
12 days of Ireland
by Robert Boyer

On our twelfth day in Ireland my true love sent to me -

12 Bawdy Stories
11 Dublin pubs
10 Celtic dancers
9 Pints of Guinness
8 Tower castles
7 Border collies
6 Celtic crosses
5 Euro coins
4 Soda breads
3 Shamrocks
2 Irish harps
Antiseptic for the Blarney Stone
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